How Women Can Survive After a Divorce

During and after a divorce, women, in particular, can suffer real trauma because of their emotional ties to the union. It can also be physically devastating to all parties involved, including the children. Some women do handle it differently than others. It depends on their emotional connection to the union and their ability to remain strong as well as the support that they have around them. Whether you are in your twenties or sixties, going through and surviving a divorce is never easy. Below are several ways that can help you survive a divorce as a woman.

Making Choices

You can either allow the divorce process to consume your life or you can make up your mind to be proactive through the procedure. Yes, there will be some components that you have no control over. However, there are many instances during the process where you have total control. For one, choose the right attorney that will work in your best interest and a professional with demonstrative empathy and compassion for you. You also want a legal professional that understands what you are going through and will be supportive. You also should choose a competent, experienced, aggressive and savvy lawyer to represent you in the courtroom.

Have Hope

Decide right now that you will eliminate the past with its negative emotions. Confront those emotions head on. Live in the moment and look to the future. When you explore your current situation and what the future could offer, it could give you some hope that you at least have another chance. Maybe, that is the one thing you have to hold on to.

Managing Your Money and Career

Now that you are going through a divorce, you will be on your own and it is now time to manage your money, if you haven’t been doing so during the marriage. This could be one of the reasons for the divorce. If you have always been a housewife during the marriage, you may have to assume a new career. With not much experience, you may need a career specialist to help you. This should keep you busy, even though, it may cause some concern. If you are upfront with an employer about your previous non-existent career status, most employers will understand. Once you land a job, it is time to be financially wise because now, you have to shoulder all the bills, unless you are receiving alimony. In fact, the judge could ask your spouse to pay alimony until you find a job. If you did have a career in the marriage and contributed financially, you may have incurred some debts together and individually. Be responsible about your part. If you need help to manage your debt, there are financial specialists that can aid you.


Divorce Filing

Many women will feel vindicated and in control if they file for divorce first in comparison to having the husband file. It has a psychological impact when women file for divorce first because it gives them a chance to assert their rights and get their lives back sooner. As soon as you file for that divorce, place the focus on yourself and not your husband.