How to Save Financially During the Process of a Divorce

It can be quite costly to get a divorce. This is especially true if your divorce is a contested one. No one really wants to experience a divorce and if children are involved, it makes everything more complicated. These complications will often take a long time to work out, which means more money for the spouse who is asking for the divorce. In addition, it can take an emotional toll on everyone in the family unit, especially the kids. There are some creative ways that you can save during the process of a divorce.

Be Amicable

If you can avoid going through a contested divorce, this is the first option, by all means. No emotional baggage should be involved in the process. This will allow you to have an amicable divorce proceeding with no drama. Be sure to begin the process at an early date and not wait until the last minute. This will allow you to save on attorney fees because the longer the case drags out, the more it will cost you.

The Attorney

Try not to contact your lawyer about the trivial stuff, but only if there is an emergency or urgency. It is enough to get in touch with your divorce attorney just once a week because most attorneys will charge billable hours to provide advice and further consultation. Prior to calling the attorney, if you have to, be sure to make a list of what you want to discuss. If you had uncomplicated concerns, the paralegal may be able to assist with a lower hourly rate attached.

Gather Documentation

Be proactive by gathering all disclosure documents prior to being asked by your attorney. If the attorney has to find those documents, it will cost you more. Turn in your documents in a timely manner because most deadlines implemented by the court are very strict. Missing those deadlines could cost you more because then the attorney for your spouse may have to file a motion. You will have to pay your divorce lawyer to defend the motion.

Listen to Lawyer’s Advice

Your lawyer is the expert and will provide you with advice from time to time. Be sure to listen and adhere to the advice. If you listen to your family or friends instead of the divorce lawyer, it could cost you dearly. The judge will issue an order to obey the attorney’s advice and prolong the process.

The Objective

Your objective is to not be revengeful, stripping your spouse of all finances. This is the case in many bitter divorce battles, but you don’t want to take that route. Instead, refrain from the animosity and work with your spouse to avoid an expensive litigation process. The court will notice your willingness to work things out and reward you an equitable share.

Obey the Court

If you are issued with a court order, do not ignore it. If you disobey a court order, it will cost you in attorney fees and you could go to jail for contempt of court, thereby having to defend two cases instead of one.