Determining and Maintaining an Effective Parenting Plan

During a divorce, parents have to consider the children first. A parenting plan is instrumental and important to ensuring that children receive the appropriate attention and care. Having a parenting plan will specify certain arrangements such as to which parent the child will be living with and who will make major decisions that might affect the child. Each parent must try to be positive around the child, making sure that important aspects of the child’s life are handled appropriately such as the child’s health, education and extra-curricular activities. If the child has any pressing or special needs, it should be extensively discussed by both parents. If both parents are unable to agree, then they may need a mediator.


The Blueprint

The parenting plan should probably include how the differences are going to be resolved. So, it is safe to say that the plan should be the blueprint to parenting if there is a separation or divorce between parents. This is essential to raising the child. It is sad when this is the way that a child has to be raised when both parents are unable to settle their grievances after separation. However, if this is the way that it will make it better for the child, then by all means, parents should agree on a parenting plan because it provides the children with smooth parenting style. Parents should also exhibit meaningful and decent relationships so that the children can see that as a positive in their development. This will only make it better for the child and everyone else involved.


No Conflict

Don’t be too concerned with the plan details until you sit down and have a discussion as parents. If you want to include the child in some of these discussions, by all means you should do so, especially with getting the input from the child about certain things like choosing a school and extra-curricular activities. The child’s input will ensure less conflict and more of what the child wants and desires, of course, with guidance from both parents. If there is too much conflict, it will only worsen the situation and provide no reasonable solution.


The Court System

When there is a parenting plan, it makes it easier to communicate without getting the court system or arbitration involved in the process. The court appointed plan will not be the same as the parenting plan because it will have too many stipulations, making it difficult for both parents to do what they think is best for the child. The court would determine this. The court system’s involvement should be a last resort.

Parental Involvement

The plan should be done with both parent’s involvement. If one parent is not able to have a sit down discussion to start the plan, it is advised that the parent who is raising the child in the home should begin the plan with interaction of the other parent over the phone or by email. Before the plan has been completed, the parent with the most involvement in writing the plan should try to schedule that sit down to go over the plan and make the necessary corrections until an amicable approval is reached.