8 Smart Strategies to Dating and Marrying that Can Save You From Divorce

8 Smart Strategies to Dating and Marrying that Can Save You From Divorce

It is possible that the largest cost that anyone can deal with in any marriage is a divorce. Most divorce in the United States will cost up to $30,000 and this equals to about six months of the average household income of $60,000 before taxes are withdrawn. That sounds like a lot, doesn’t it? And when you add the continuous expense associated with child support and/or alimony, you could end up paying out your last dollar, which means attorneys are making a profit.


Wreaking a Havoc

Not to mention the emotional state that one can find themselves in during and after a divorce. It can be a great deal to handle for the rest of your life. It can affect so many relationships that were intact prior to the divorce. Even before getting married, you can see signs of a troubled marriage, especially if you both argue over finances all the time.


Like a Business

There are things that you can do leading up to a marriage that will help you to avoid the path of divorce. Think of your marriage as a business where goals have to be set, plans have to be made, things have to be put into perspective and money has to be handled properly. If you think like that, then you will have a better chance at having a good marriage. Below, you will find eight wise strategies to dating and marrying that can save you from a costly divorce.

  1. Date Longer

It is best to date longer than a few months. You should consider getting to know each other and this usually takes at least three years prior to an engagement. It is more likely that your marriage will last when you get to know each other. Whether you are head over heels or not, wait for the engagement and subsequent marriage. The passion usually wears off and you have to face the reality that you will have ups and downs.


  1. Combined Income

Both incomes combined will help you to handle your expenses in a better way. It is not ‘your money’ or ‘my money.’ It becomes ‘our money.’ Don’t be selfish. It is going to be the responsibility of both of you to share the expenses. If one of you is not earning enough money, it may be time to change careers.


  1. Attend Church Together

Spirituality seems to be an important part of many marriages. However, it shouldn’t be just one person who wants to enter the spiritual path. It is best to discuss religious convictions before tying the knot. In doing so, you both will understand each other’s upbringing and religious choices. When the details are worked out, it would be good to attend church together.


  1. Forget the Looks

While appearance is important to most people, choosing a partner should not hinge on how beautiful or handsome the person is. As the years pass and we get older, looks will become superficial. You should date and marry someone for who they are – on the inside first.


  1. Not Wealth

Yes, we all want to have a lot of money, but if you date and marry someone for their money, what if they lose it all? Would you still be interested? Would you still stay? Your attraction should not focus on someone’s bank account because when it is empty, you could want to walk away.


  1. Big Weddings

Many people spend their life savings on a big wedding and then after the wedding, the lack of money is going to be the argumentative topic in the household. This is a recipe for divorce.


  1. Cheaper Weddings

Plan your wedding with a budget. You don’t need to have an elaborate wedding to feel special. Try to cut down on some of the expense so that you don’t have to argue over money.


  1. Go on that Honeymoon

While you want to cut down on the cost of your wedding, put aside money for a nice honeymoon. Going away after the wedding is a start to a good wedding. It becomes “us” instead of ‘you all.’ You will know then if you made the right decision or not – the special time that you will spend with each other.